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Warli painting on a clay pot: October 3, 2009

Posted by preeta pillai in Warli painting.

Its been long since I touched my paints, actually I was in a sewing spree. So today I decided to paint on my clay pot which had lost its natural clay color and luster during Gonu. [ During Gonu my house was leaking cats and dogs, and all the stuff that I had kept on the floor got damaged. We were in India on a holiday and thankfully my friend to whom I had given my house key to water my indoor plants realized that my house was leaking and she saved my stuffs.]

Actually after painting on it I realized that I should have taken a snap in its original condition . Anyway here’s the end result.



I have placed a table lamp on it, and when the light falls on the pot it gives a nice effect.

Here are some more pictures…..

DSCN5039 DSCN5041


I was so……. happy to give it a new look.

For now its Bye from Preeta.



1. Trish - October 4, 2009

very nice..:)

2. Nima - October 4, 2009


3. Priya - October 8, 2009


4. Usha Vishwanathan - September 1, 2011

Hi That pot is beautiful. Please could you share some more projects that we would use warli painting. Also some nice designs in madhubani painting.



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