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Cut-out patchwork….. December 8, 2009

Posted by preeta pillai in Sewing.

As I was browsing on the net for some sewing patterns for curtains, I came across this lovely curtain on Sew mama sew blog.  I  was inspired by the idea so…. much that I forgot all about the curtains and just wanted to try my hands on that cut-work.  I am not an experienced sewing person but I  couldn’t resist myself from trying this out.  For a start I took a simple design, and tried this out on a plain cotton cloth. I dint have anything in mind as such, with regards to what I wanted to make but I just wanted to try out the cut work, the rest comes later anyway.  The result is not a perfect finish, but for the first time I am happy at what I achieved.  There is so……. much opportunity for improvement, I know, but this is the only way you can learn new things…..

Here’s what I accomplished….


My zig-zig is not perfect, I still have to get control on that.

If you want to get a proper tutorial, please visit the above mentioned blog.

Before I leave one more picture of my finish…. Do encourage my endeavour   through your comments.



My first trial on shirring/smocking…… December 7, 2009

Posted by preeta pillai in Sewing.

I always used to love smocked dresses, gowns etc but I never got a chance to try it.  Recently I got the elastic thread, needed for this purpose and then I couldn’t wait to try my hands on smocking.   I was searching for something very simple to do  for the first time and that is when I happened to visit Zura’s blog. She has given a nice and simple tutorial on shirring, and I thought this is what I would try doing. So here’s what I did….

DSCN5233 DSCN5232

I am sorry the pictures are not very clear…. But I couldn’t wait to blog about this achievement of mine. I have just done a few smocking lines on the neck of this top. But next time I can confidently do something more challenging.

The fabric also is not a very good one, since I dint want to risk any of my cherished fabrics.  Don’t you all think its ok for the first time trial…..

Thank  you Zura for this tutorial….. For now its adieu from me.

After a short break….I am back December 6, 2009

Posted by preeta pillai in Sewing.
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Eid holidays were quite unproductive with regards to my hobby, since kids were around. I couldn’t  do much of sewing, but I did try my hands on little bit of hand embroidery and crochet. You really need a lot of patience for these and especially while trying to learn you need it more. But the positive aspect of being persistent and finishing your project are two fold: First, you learn to be patient and second you have a great sense of achievement.  Any way let me stop bragging about my learning experiences and come to the point.

After the above crusade of mine, I was so…. frustrated, that I wanted to do some quick finishes. And during Eid holidays myself and Nima went shopping and got some real nice materials. I was itching to sew,and on Friday, it was just me and my sewing machine.  Since my husband is out of town, I was really feeling bored too. I finally accomplished the long pending work of stitching a nice cover for my arm chair, not just one but two!!.

Here it is…..

 DSCN5215 DSCN5216

Now the second cover that I stitched….

DSCN5219 DSCN5221

Isn’t the material lovely….. Do give your lovely comments…. I eagerly wait for some nice comments from all of you out there.

Days ahead are going to be a little busy with children’s exams approaching near. I hope I get some time for myself, so that I can do more of sewing and so many other things I have in mind…So till then Its Bye from Preeta

Utility tray September 28, 2009

Posted by preeta pillai in Sewing.

I found this cloth tray very practical and easy to sew…. So I decided to make it immediately. As it is I was trying to organize my sewing stuff and this is perfect to keep my threads, rick-racks etc in a proper manner in my cupboard shelves. DSCN5011

This can also be used to organize your children’s stuff.  Like shown in this picture….


Some more close ups of the utility tray… I have used interfacing, instead of fusible fleece, and two different colour polka dots fabric. I am happy with the outcome.

DSCN5015 DSCN5016

Anyone interested can get the tutorial from Mad Quilter.

Till next time its Bye from me.