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Before the year ends……. December 31, 2009

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Lately I have been very busy, and have not been able to do much with regards to my creative side.  But before the year ends, I managed to sew a small gift for my dear friend, Nima and tried to include my little paintings as well with it.

And this is what I made…..

organiser_3 organiser_2 organiser_1  

I made a purse organizer and did a little bit of warli  painting at the top.

And below is the painted coaster that I made for her…


The paintings are not perfect, since I am still not an expert in this art, but I am happy she liked it.

With another new year, it would be a new beginning and I wish to learn more and experiment new things. I have got lot of stuff in mind, and I also see it happening.

In 2010 you will see me with a new blog address, since I am planning to shift to blogger. All my new post will be in my blogger address and I will keep you updated about it.  I must take this opportunity to thank my few blog friends who have always encouraged me, and my aim would be to improve my blogging skills and expand my friends with interesting and inspiring work, and also learn more creative and inspiring art. Sewing has become  a part of me and I hope to improve my sewing skills this year.

So wish me good luck….and give me lot of encouragement.

And here’s wishing all of you … A Very Happy and prosperous new year…..

My new blog adress is http://preethobby.blogspot.com


Attractive giveaway at Izzy & Ivy designs…… December 14, 2009

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If you love to get nice patterns form Izzy and Ivy, you can click here.   Izzy and Ivy has announced lovely giveaways which include their patterns and a lovely penelope ruffles bag.



Go ahead and enter the draw….

Gifts for my friend. November 14, 2009

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Last week was my friends birthday, and I thought it would be nice to gift her something with a personal touch. And these are the little things I made for her.

DSCN5107 DSCN5108

This basket I made from one of the Sew it feature, and since I had made one for myself before, I was more confident this time.

Then I also painted a few coasters for her, I have done warli painting on them. This is the first time I tried painting with oil paints. But after painting this one I felt acrylic paints were easy to use, since it dries up quickly. Oil paints really takes time to dry and it doesn’t spread easily. Here are the coasters.

DSCN5112  DSCN5113


Back to blogging …… November 7, 2009

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Hi everyone, Its been quite sometime  since I could blog  because my laptop had conked off and had to be formatted again. It took several weeks to get it back and I had to start from scratch to start blogging again.  I was feeling quite restless about it, anyway I got back my laptop yesterday and here I am….

I have missed viewing all your blogs and please don’t think I have disappeared . I will be back with more new posts shortly… Till then please continue to keep in touch. For now its bye from preeta….

First time I am trying my hands on warli paintings. I am fascinated with this form of art since it is very simple and can be done very fast. This pattern was taken from get crafty on blogger.com September 5, 2009

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